As DTVGameControl caters to a vertical national market, we were asked to come up with another solution to open up a worldwide stage, introducing, SwitchItUp.


This iPad based application is the optimal solution for taking control of video displays and audio throughout your entire location.  Leveraging on the DTVGameControl platform, SwitchItUp has a broader spectrum focusing on controlling multiple sources. Although we have duplicated some of the same fantastic features from DTVGameControl, SwitchItUp definitely has an identity all on its own. Starting with the uniqueness of  Image Pull at the top of your iPad which allows you to actually see what's playing in real time prior to changing the channel.  SwitchItUp can manage a variety of industry leading matrix systems, from legacy analog systems, to the latest IP based Matrix systems. Of course, controlling all of your sources is not SwitchItUp’s only focus, the ability to control Video Tiling, Video Walls and audio are also at the touch of your finger tips.

  • SwitchItUp "Preview Window" expands the view of the source selected.   
  • SwitchItUp Morning Sequence: This feature will automatically turn on all of your TV's, to the pre-set source each morning.  
  • SwitchItUp integrates tightly with leading manufacturers to improve and expand current technology.


Now you are able to have a very unique competitive advantage. Allowing you to keep up with your customers demands and also the opportunity to build loyal (and profitable) customer relationships. No matter how many sources you have SwitchItUp allows you and your staff to run the show with a simple touch of a finger.  Not only is SwitchItUp easy to install it's also very affordable! (have your dealer contact us)  #Saygoodbyetoremotes

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Passcode Protected

SwitchItUp allows the end user to create and control the passcode.

One easy passcode for all authorized user/ staff.

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floor Plan Based

The application is simple and easy to use because its based on your own floor plan.

It's as easy touch control, just tap the TV on your iPad screen to change channels.  Staff time is no longer wasted, giving better service to clients/customers.


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Video wall and video tiling control

Manage and control Video Walls and Video Tiling effortlessly. 


SwitchItUp is the manufacturer only and does not sell directly to the public. If interested please contact us to become or locate a Preferred Dealer in your area.